There are times when we need to store our valuables in climate-controlled storage. Whether you are moving to a new place or just buying a new set of stuff for your home, you have to properly keep your other pieces of furniture to retain their quality and durability. It may be easy to just throw them all away in favor of your new amenities, but for people who hold on to their sentimental value, this may be a bit difficult to do.

In such a case, knowing the right way to store your old furniture will not only enable you to access them again for future use, but it will also keep them in great condition, well enough for their durability to last long.

If you are planning to store all of them in climate-controlled storage, take note of the following pointers to preserve their quality.

1. Disassemble All the Furniture That Has That Certain Functionality

Not all climate-controlled storage spaces are huge; that is why you must do everything to make the most of the space available to you. The good news is that some pieces of furniture are made to be built and disassembled whenever needed. This isn’t even uncommon. As a matter of fact, a certain Swedish furniture manufacturer made their brand prominent with this certain functionality and feature, wherein all of their amenities are delivered at your address in a compact state, and you’d have to build them from scratch. Disassemble all of the furniture that offers this feature and keep them in a protective container. That way, they will be protected for a long time.

2. Clean All Your Furniture Before Storing Them for a Long Time

You wouldn’t want your furniture to show signs of dust and mold the next time you’d open your storage. Of course, a climate-controlled container will limit the risks of mold, but it will not be able to handle it all if you don’t tidy up your amenities. You must take the initiative to clean them. Otherwise, you may end up finding your valuables dirty, with a clear inch of grime. Varnish your pieces of wooden furniture and wipe all the glass vases clean. Do not forget to shampoo your carpets as well so that they wouldn’t stink over time. Disinfect your couch and dust off the crumbs from the sides so that they will not have any growth of insects or bacteria.

3. Wrap All the Glass Parts of Your Furniture With Bubble Wrap 

Some pieces of furniture, like coffee tables and living room tables, have a glass top on them. While it may be easy to just store them with packing paper, you should remember that there’s a tendency for them to break or accumulate scratches once they come in contact with your other valuables. Prevent this from happening by wrapping them in bubble wrap. Do not go for cheap wrappers as they may do more harm to your glass tables than good. Be sure to position them properly in the storage, and don’t place them between two hard objects, as they are at risk of being squeezed and broken after.


Preparing your pieces of furniture for storage will help keep their quality, even after years of storing them. Be sure to wrap all the glass amenities in bubble wraps, clean out all your valuables, and disassemble all that can be disassembled before keeping them in storage. It is your responsibility to care for their overall appearance and structure, and you will only be able to do that by following our list of tips and tricks.

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