Climate Controlled Storage
in Birmingham, AL

Space for What Matters

Space for What Matters

No matter what you need space for, we‘ve got an affordable storage solution for you.

*Additional Unit Sizes Available 

Self Storage in Downtown Birmingham for Personal and Commercial Use

No matter what you need space for, we‘ve got an affordable climate controlled storage solution for you. 

Climate Controlled Storage Birmingham, AL

Climate-controlled storage is designed to keep your belongings protected from the elements and pests that come with outdoor, Alabama weather. Some of the most common and popular items that benefit from being stored in our facility include:






Wooden or upholstered furniture

Carpets, rugs, and blankets


Mirrors and glass work

Building materials 


Musical instruments

Jefferson Storage can help keep your valuables protected from excessive temperatures, water damage, rust, mold, sun exposure, and high humidity levels. Climate-controlled storage lockers and units are a serious step up when it comes to keeping your most valued possessions protected and pristine for an extended duration. 

There are some unique benefits to using a climate-controlled space, especially if your possessions are particularly prone to weather or moisture-induced damage. These are just a few of the biggest benefits to opting for our climate-controlled units:

  • Humidity controls can ensure that excess moisture doesn’t impact your goods. 
  • They can protect your valuables from excessive sunlight, which can cause fading on documents, artwork, photographs and affect everything from cars to appliances to antiques. 
  • The cost of fixing or restoring goods damaged by moisture, humidity, or inclement weather can be exorbitant, and in some cases can cause permanent damage. By spending a little extra money in the short term, you can reap long term savings. 
  • We have units small enough for the simplest needs, like holding onto documents, and units big enough for the largest needs, like storing the contents of your house.

By doing a little research, you’ll find that non-climate controlled options are often cheaper, but offer significantly less protection from weather and from others. While outdoor storage unit options may be cheaper initially, our indoor, climate-controlled option is worth it in the long run. Their biggest advantage is having the ability to drive up to your storage unit for unloading and loading, but at Jefferson Storage, we have an enclosed, indoor unloading area, making it a distinct advantage for us. 

If you’re currently storing valuable items, a large collection of photographs, bedding, or even furniture in a musty attic or damp basement, we strongly suggest investing in one of our climate-controlled storage units so that you won’t find yourself with faded photos or warped furniture. And since we’re conveniently located downtown, you won’t be far from your prized possessions. 

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Jefferson Storage provides you not just a storage unit, but peace of mind, ease of access, and exceptional service. You’ll find flexibility instead of rigidity. Convenience instead of hassle. And the following:

  • Climate control. It ensures that your belongings stay protected from the elements, keeping them in the condition you brought them in. 
  • Security. Our facility is monitored 24 hours with over 50 Cameras and a state of the art security system. Whatever time of the day you are in our building you can feel safe knowing our building is secure. While climate controls keep your belongings protected from the elements, our security ensures that they stay protected from anything or anyone else. 
  • Access. 24/7 access to your unit
  • Assistance. Moving equipment such as carts are available to use, and we have other supplies for sale in our office. 
  • Prime Location. Our storage facility in downtown Birmingham, AL is directly across from the historic Alabama and Lyric Theatres, McWane Science Center, and the Birmingham Police Headquarters. 

Storage Units Birmingham, AL

We have units of all shapes and sizes for you- whether you’re storing some musical instruments and sporting equipment or several rooms worth of belongings while moving. Each unit, no matter the size, has a way to be locked up securely with a padlock you provide. We also offer a few different locks for sale in our office, should you need one. Your unit will be watched over by our security system, because what’s valuable to you is valuable to us.

Flexibility is important to us. If you have to move and need a place to store a few things while living in a rental home or hotel, you don’t need to be locked into a several month contract. That’s why our affordable storage units are available to rent month-to-month. Plus, we offer different payment methods, including online, to make it even more convenient. 

We look forward to safely and securely storing your belongings, furnishings, and prized possessions in our climate-controlled storage facility in downtown Birmingham. Check out our available units today and make your reservation. You’re welcome to make an appointment to come see our facility and discuss your storage needs during our office hours. 

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