Climate Controlled Storage in Birmingham, AL

Alabama weather changes can wreak havoc on stored items. That’s why Jefferson Storage is proud to provide climate-controlled storage units in downtown Birmingham, AL. Whether you need a clean and dry space for your Christmas decorations year round or a secure place to store your artwork and electronics, you can find a small, medium, or large storage unit that fits your budget and your needs.

Protection From the Elements

Many of our customers look to our climate control storage solution for their delicate items to help prevent the risk of damage while in storage. At Jefferson Storage, we work hard to deliver a stress-free storage experience. To ensure your items are not susceptible to temperature and humidity changes, we recommend reserving one of our climate-controlled storage units in downtown Birmingham. You can rest assured that your stored items are protected.

Comfortable Visits

Need to stop by your storage unit on a regular basis? A climate-controlled unit may make sure your visit is comfortable in either hot or cold weather, year-round.

Are you interested in learning more about our climate-controlled self storage options? Call us at (205) 946-0645  or get in touch with the team at Jefferson Storage today for more information about our available storage units and current specials.

Climate Control Storage | Birmingham, AL