Is your house too cramped that there aren’t enough spaces to fit in all your things? Maybe it’s time for you to rent a storage unit. Having a storage unit is a perfect solution to free up space in your home. You can put all the things you don’t frequently use there, and you can conveniently get them anytime you need them. However, it’s not easy to find the best storage unit. You need to consider some things first before you pay for the rent. 

To help you have the best storage unit for your personal use, we’ve listed down some tips you can follow so you can make a wise and informed decision.

Tip #1: Do Some Research on Different Facilities

Before renting, do some research on different facilities in your area so that you can get the best deal. Sometimes, storage unit providers give discounts for first-time renters. Look for various facilities online and compare their prices. That way, you can determine who is offering the best deal. 

You can also have the best storage unit if you consider their location and other services. Check which facility is located closest to your house and who offers remote leasing services. 

Tip #2: Determine the Size of the Storage You Need

You must know that different storage units come in various sizes. The most common mistake that storage unit renters make is they only do a mental estimate of the size they need. As a result, they end up paying more rent because they chose a larger unit than what they need. In some cases, the unit is too small for them, so they end up stressed out because they have no idea where to put their other things. 

If you don’t want that to happen to you, make sure you accurately measure the size that you need. To do that, you can create a rough inventory of the things you will keep inside. Then, measure those large items you have to better estimate the size and type of storage you must rent. 

Tip #3: Choose Wisely Between Indoor and Outdoor Storage

Both indoor and outdoor storage have their fair share of pros and cons. It’ll be more convenient when you rent outdoor storage because you can drive right up to it. You also don’t need to pay much rent because it doesn’t cost that much. However, your things may be at risk because the weather can damage your items. 

On the other hand, indoor storage is relatively more expensive, but it’s suitable for storing fragile items. Also, the weather rarely becomes a problem in indoor storage. Only you can decide which storage will work best for you, so remember to choose wisely. 

Tip #4: Ensure That the Storage Unit Is Insured

It’s essential to ensure that your storage is insured. After all, most large-scale storage unit companies require this for their tenants. Having insurance can help you in the unlikely event that your belongings are compromised. You can attain coverage by using an applicable renter’s insurance policy, adding the storage to your homeowner’s insurance, or purchasing third-party insurance through the storage facility. 


It’s essential to find the best storage unit because your items are on the line. If you have no idea about what to consider before renting, you may end up in a situation where you regret your decision. To avoid that, make sure you follow our tips and find the best facility that can provide you with the best service near your area. 

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