Figuring out where to keep your furniture can be a pain. But if you’re moving homes or want to get some much-needed space back, you might want to store some of your things in a self-storage unit. Storage units are great places to keep your things for a few days, a few seasons, or a few years. But you can’t just dump your things in storage and call it a day.

Proper furniture storage is key to ensure that your possessions are in great shape when you take them out. Continue reading this article, and we’ll tell you the right way to store your furniture in a storage unit.

Assess Your Storage Needs

Firstly, look at the furniture that you want to store and figure out what size of unit you’ll need to store them all. Sure, you can stuff a 5×5 unit to the brim, but it is quite dangerous and may even harm your possessions.

If you’re looking to store wooden bed frames or antique chairs, you may want to consider climate-controlled storage units. These units ensure that priceless furniture pieces are protected from moisture and fluctuating temperatures.

Clean It Before You Store It

When you find the right unit for you, you have to clean the items that you’ll put in storage. Never put dirty items in your storage unit.

There are three perfectly good reasons why you should clean items before storing them. One, cleaning your stuff by storage reduces the probability of mold and mildew ruining your possessions. Two, you can also cut down the dust accumulated in the space by cleaning items beforehand. Three, no neighboring storage unit owner will complain about the stink coming from your unit.

Disassemble, Organize, and Conquer

Before you book a truck to haul your bed frame and bookshelves, you may want to take them apart first. Disassembling anything that you can reduce the effort in taking to the storage unit and save space in the unit as well.

True, it’s tedious to take apart furniture, put the screws in small bags, and label everything. However, this process can lessen the likelihood of furniture damage. It’s easy to take everything out of storage when you do this step too.

Wrap and Protect

Once you have your furniture disassembled and labeled, wrap them up. You can use old blankets, drop cloths, or plastic wrap to wrap posts, tables, and frames. Don’t forget to wrap mirrors and glass items with packing paper and bubble wrap before putting them in boxes too. Properly wrapping items protects your possessions from moisture, mildew, and damage.

A word of caution: don’t use thick layers of plastic. Thick layers of plastic seal moisture in making furniture swell. Drape blankets over your furniture and let them breathe.

Extra tip: You may want to avoid using boxes from grocery stores or boxes previously used for perishable items. These boxes may attract bugs, and that is not good.

Raise It Up

Now that your items are cleaned, disassembled, and wrapped, you can bring them into the storage unit. However, don’t just put them on the floor.

Lay down a thick drop cloth or plastic sheeting on the unit’s floor as an extra layer of protection against moisture. You can also choose to put them on cinder blocks and pallets just in case you’re afraid of flooding in the area.


Storing your furniture in self-storage units is not that complicated. You just have to choose the right unit size for your needs, prep your items for storage accordingly, and properly store your possessions to ensure that your furniture will remain in peak condition.

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