Any superhero and pop culture fan will tell you that one of the most valuable items in their collection would have to be their comic books. Coming from a long line of illustrators and storytellers, comics had gone a long way since their humble beginnings many decades ago. There used to be a time when they were considered mere sheets of cheaply made entertainment, sold at your local sidewalks and newsstands. Nowadays, they are backed by a multi-million industry, often being converted to movies and TV series.

With that in mind, the importance of comic books can’t be overlooked in the modern era, much so that people will go to great lengths just to maintain the quality of their own collection. If you happen to be one of those who are planning to prepare your collection for long-term storage, look no further than the following tips.

  • Put Them in a Box

This step is more about practicality than any other reason. You need to organize your comics to avoid mixing them up. Any wise collector would be fickle enough not to mix the old ones with the new ones. Aside from that, comic stories are frequently told in succession, so some volumes should not be mixed with other unrelated storylines. Do this before you keep them away for a long time since you might have difficulty remembering their correct order once you come back for them.

  • Keep Them in Plastic Sleeves

Plastic sleeves are designed to keep your comic books smooth and looking brand-new. Aside from the fact that this will protect them from any form of moisture, this will maintain their value, especially if they have a chance of becoming a rare edition in the future. Take note of this if you want to earn more than five digits once you take them out of the storage.

  • Keep Them in Hard Plastic Holders

Plastic sleeves may keep them safe from moisture, but they may not be able to protect them from creases. This is crucial, especially for vintage comics that often get crumpled due to the paper texture. Retain their flat appearance with the help of hard plastic holders. They are often cheap, so you do not need to worry about buying a bunch of them, especially if you have more than one type of vintage comic in your collection.

  • Store Them in a Temperature-Controlled Storage Area

Temperature-controlled storage areas are vital if you want to maintain the overall integrity of your comic books. Yes, you will be able to protect them from moisture with the plastic sleeves, but that will not be enough. They tend to contract or expand, depending on their surrounding temperature, so the storage space should not be too hot or too cold. Countless storage spaces offer this specific feature, so be sure to find one that will match your budget and store your valuables.


For many fans, comic books are their way of life. It’s a recollection of their heroes’ amazing adventures and origin stories. Because of that, many would go the extra mile just to ensure that their collection will last a lifetime, even when kept in a storage space. If you happen to be one of them, don’t hesitate to prepare your comics for the long haul. Not only are you maintaining its value, but you will also be retaining a major part of your childhood and yourself.

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