Having too much stuff at home is not healthy for your living situation. A cluttered house can heighten anxiety levels and make it hard to concentrate on essential tasks. And while it is understandable that there are some items that you can’t give up because of the sentimental value, it just isn’t possible to hold onto everything at the expense of your mental health and space. Self-storage units make it possible for you to keep your home clean and keep all your belongings at the same time. 

Renting a storage unit may give you extra space, but it does not negate the responsibility of taking care of the items you put away. Here are some dos and don’ts for packing things up into a storage unit.

Do: Pack your Items Neatly

Keeping your self-storage unit tidy and organized makes it more convenient than stuffing everything inside. When you keep your items well-organized, it is much more convenient for you to find them and pull them out when the time comes. 

Don’t: Throw Everything In

While these things won’t be displayed at home, they are certainly still of value if you’re willing to pay monthly for a unit to keep them. Handle your items with care if you want to maintain their value.

Do: Buy Your Locks

While storage facilities provide maximum security with locked or guarded gates and top-tier security cameras surrounding the facility, you still are in charge of your own unit’s safety. Buy a lock that’s hard enough to break into. Secure the keys and give copies only to those you trust.

Don’t: Give Access to Just Anyone 

Your unit’s security is essential to any legal facility you go to, but no policy asks you to surrender copies of your key to them. Don’t trust maintenance staff with your key when asked.  

Do: Choose the Right Storage Facility 

It’s essential to put your research skills to work and find the best storage facility for its price and features. Facilities like Jefferson Storage give you the option to rent a climate-controlled unit, perfect for items that you don’t want catching any mold or mildew. Monthly rent is also manageable, and there are plenty of size options for you to choose from.

Don’t: Rent a Unit without Making Proper Estimates

One of the biggest mistakes people can make is renting a unit that can’t accommodate all their stuff. Before purchasing a unit, make sure that you gather everything and make some measurements. It would be a better idea to get a unit with a little bit of wiggle room if you have more stuff coming your way. 

The opposite situation may be just as bad. Renting a unit with more room for small items may be money going down the drain each month, especially if there isn’t anything else for you to put inside. 

Making the proper estimates saves you time, effort, and money.


Renting a self-storage unit is a convenient way to sort things out rather than giving away valuable items you may need in the future. Following these do’s and don’ts will make this process much more accessible and convenient for you when you finally take these items out of storage. 

For spacious and affordable self-storage in Birmingham, call Jefferson Storage. Our units are climate controlled, perfect for both personal and commercial use. Check out our page to find available units big enough for your items, or call us at (205) 946-0645.