If you plan to move to a new home, perform a renovation, or require additional space for your business, it’s a great idea to opt for self-storage units. They provide extra storage to keep your valuables in a safe place, all while freeing up room in your property.

No matter the reason, households and businesses can depend on storage facilities and for a good price. If you wish to maximize your unit, you must learn to keep things organized at all times. That way, you don’t have to disrupt the orderliness every time you take something out or place an item inside your storage unit.

It will help to keep track of your storage by having an inventory of all your things. It serves as a way to monitor everything in your storage unit, including the items that come and go. Keep reading below to learn how to form an inventory to make the most out of your storage.

You Should Start Right Away

Whether you plan to rent a mini storage near you or a large one to house all of your stuff, you should learn to begin early and create your inventory before you start storing your things. Making an inventory while you can still manage your storage prevents you from feeling stressed out the moment your belongings start piling up.

Firstly, you should use the right boxes and label them accordingly. That way, your inventory will also feature the correct categories and prevent you from feeling confused and mislabeling your items. For best results, you should form inventory sheets based on your boxes and their labels before proceeding with developing a list of all the things involved.

You Should Take it One at a Time

Part of creating an inventory of your valuables in your self-storage early on is to give you more than enough time to go through your boxes without feeling the pressure to rush everything. You can take it one room at a time as well as a box after another.

If you wish to begin with your bedroom, grab a container, start packing, and take note of the items you’ve placed inside it. To give you an easier time sorting through the box when you need to get something, later on, you should attach a copy of the inventory outside the box.

You Should Duplicate Your Inventory

After listing down all the items in the inventory for the boxes of your rooms that will end up in a secure storage, it’s time to duplicate your document. Whatever happens, you must never lose the original or master copy of your inventory.

While it’s okay to keep a written copy, it’s much better to keep things digital, so you can always print out a new document and make the necessary updates every time you add or remove an item. Remember to include numbers in your master copy, such as how many boxes you used, how many things are inside them, and where in the storage unit you can find a certain item or box.


Depending on storage solutions is valuable for individuals who require more space because their home or office doesn’t have enough storage. Remember to start right away, take things one step at a time, and duplicate your inventory to make sure you won’t encounter problems in the long run. 

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